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7 - 11 years old

75 minutes

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A revolutionary educational program that teaches children the basics of programming and robotics, using an intuitive and simple physical coding language. AlgoPlay introduces participants to the world of robotics through a fun, hands-on educational experience.


Young Engineers believes in teaching through the spiral learning technique. In this method, each enrichment program builds on the previous program. In addition, we always encourage that newcomers undertake the lessons to ensure that all students are up to date.

With the Algobrix® tangible coding language, students begin by building a model of a building block, then create various code sequences using Functions and Parameters blocks.

By pressing Play, the robot will perform the coding sequence, moving forward, turning, or turning on.

In each lesson, the student will perform high-level programming tasks such as algorithm planning, conditioning, loops, multithreading, debugging, race conditions, sensor applications and more.

AlgoPlay provides children with the skills to understand the logic behind almost every coding language that exists today.

The AlgoPlay program

AlgoPlay's objectives

  • Discover coding and machine engineering
  • Become familiar with software engineering terminology
  • Introduction to algorithmic thinking
  • Encourage problem solving
  • Develop creativity and critical thinking skills

AlgoPlay models

  • Gadgets and games
  • Amusement park rides
  • Different types of transport machines
  • Modern robots to perform common tasks