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4 to 6 years old

45 minutes




Young Engineers promotes education through play. Our Big Builders enrichment program introduces preschoolers to scientific concepts through hands-on experiential learning.

This connection between knowledge and fun at such a young age will allow our participants to experience a lifetime of learning and creating.

Students will be provided with a set of flexible pieces, specifically designed for the Big Builders program.

These activities will progressively challenge participants to advance their fine and gross motor skills.

This enrichment program will expose our builders to engineering terminology. In addition, students will become familiar with simple concepts such as the animal kingdom, scientific principles, and their everyday environment. Through play with their peers, our young researchers will advance their interpersonal communication and gain confidence in their own ability to discover and invent.

Big Builder lessons include discussions of shapes, spatial recognition, and moving versus stationary parts.

Our instructors use appropriate math and science terminology to familiarize students with these professional terms.

Builders will learn simple addition and subtraction as they build their models.

Students will also discover the basics of fractions by learning the idea of parts of a whole.

We introduce the laws of physics at a basic level through demonstrations of centrifugal force, gravity, torque, stability, friction, momentum, mechanical energy, equilibrium, compaction, and drive.

In addition, since many of our Big Builder models have nature/animal themes, students will learn basic biology concepts.

We believe that lessons are learned and absorbed more easily through hands-on experiential learning. Therefore, our Big Builders graduate students will have a better understanding of everyday mathematical and scientific concepts.


Big Builders' program overview

Big Builders' objectives

  • Increase knowledge about the world and the environment
  • Develop a sense of community and belonging
  • Encourage independent and creative thinking
  • Develop a sense of self-efficacy and problem-solving skills
  • Build team spirit, cooperation and group play skills

Big Builders Models

  • Basic geometric shapes
  • Animals
  • Solar system
  • Amusement park ride
  • Transportation
  • Planes